Promotion of Agricultural Development

through exchange of
good practices and active participation


Peer-to-peer Cooperation With Iraqi Governorate – Al Anbar
under the Programme
‘Supporting Recovery and Stability in Iraq through Local Development’
Funded by the European Union and Implemented by UNDP

The association of Slovenian partners aims to help Anbar Governorate strengthen the legitimacy of local government to contribute to stability in the capital and entire province by sharing lessons learned from experiences in Slovenia.

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New Opportunities

This project will help to collectively identify opportunities in the Iraqi Province of Al Anbar to advocate effective and transparent local government systems and public services. Furthermore, the collaboration will also explore models and mechanisms for further developing Iraq’s local government.

With the collaboration of Governorate of Al Anbar, the area of agriculture was chosen as the area of interest. In this manner, the focus is placed on transfer of good practice from Slovenia to Al Anbar while supporting the decentralization and empowerment of Al Anbar stakeholders and partners. Therefore, the main attention is being put on small farmers economy and marketing.

Material on introduced good practices

Inclusive political and economic system is essential to rebuilding the trust between the people and their Government.

Activities that are performed throughout the project duration are specifically addressing the agriculture in this region.

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