About the Project:

Peer-to-peer Cooperation With Iraqi Governorate – Al Anbar

Project goals

In a participative and interactive manner, the project will:

  • define key stakeholder groups in Al Anbar and Slovenia
  • assess key strategic issues in the field of agricultural development in Al Anbar province
  • present the good practices and lessons learned in Slovenia
  • promote an in-depth, two-way communication and exchange of knowledge in selected priority areas
  • develop an action plan for transfer of good practices to Al Anbar through a pilot project
  • transfer good practices to Al Anbar
  • outline future work in Al Anbar to ensure sustainability of project results
  • provide on-demand technical support from Slovenian experts throughout the project implementation
  • establishment of Agriculture Development Center

Key Project Outputs

  • Project webpage
  • Virtual Library
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Gap Assessment
  • Video-educational material on good practice examples (FPA, farmers cooperatives, virtual market for agricultural products)
  • Establishment of the ADC – Agriculture Development Center:
    • Purchase of technical and office equipment
    • Employment of five persons at ADC
  • Implememtatation of 5 trainings, including two in-person site visits in Iraq


  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Gap Assessment
  • Financial Participatory Approach (FPA)
  • Educational videos
  • Online training


  • Al Anbar Governorate Officials
  • Farmers
  • Mayors in the province of Al Anbar
  • Representatives of civil society
  • UNDP – Iraqi and regional offices staff
  • Educational institutions in agriculture

Besides the listed target groups, UNDP Iraq and its regional offices are key stakeholders as the leading organization in the implementation of the project.


  • First, Stakeholder Analysis and Gap Assessment will provide project partners important insight into more specific areas that need to be addressed – what is needed to stimulate and support farmers in Al Anbar?
  • Slovenian good practices in the field of farmers’ cooperatives and virtual market will be presented as well as the role of the local government. Anbar Governorate officials will gain new knowledge with the help of educational videos and training in Financial Participatory Approach, which is a method that empowers local population in addressing real issues, coming up with viable solutions that have long lasting effects.


Farmers, local inhabitants and Anbar Governorate will benefit from deliverables of this project. Quality and accessible local food and agricultural products in Al Anbar are the guiding light of this project.

By whom

Slovenian project partners will facilitate exchange of knowledge and capacity building between Slovenian good practice holders and stakeholders from Anbar Governorate.